Delft University of Technology :

  • Prof Dr Allard W. Martinius (TUD / Equinor) – Reservoir characterization of fluvial, paralic, deltaic and shelf sedimentology and stratigraphy
  • Dr Joep Storms (TUD) – Forward model applications, fluvio-deltaic and shoreface-shelf sedimentology and stratigraphy.
  • Dr Hemmo A. Abels (TUD) – Terrestrial sedimentology, integrated stratigraphy and paleoclimate


PhD and PD:

  • Dr Maria Azpiroz-ZabalaPD project: Modelling deep water deposits using Delft3D
  • Dr Hiranya SahooPD project: Devising a unified knowledge base in river-avulsion dynamics: deconstructing process-product linkage via coupled forward and inverse modeling. Funding from Marie Curie fellowship and TUDelft (Leading fellows program)
  • Liang Li. PD project: Development of Delft3D-GeoTool. An open source (GPL-V3) online GUI and DataBase software development for reservoir geological applications. Funding from Equinor and Deltares.
  • Emilio Cecchetti MSc, Characterisation of Lower Triassic reservoirs for future deep geothermal applications in Southern Netherlands. Funding from RVO (with industry partners Hydreco Geomec B.V. and Panterra Geoconsultants B.V.).
  • Tim Baars MSc, PhD project: Developing a predictive model to quantify fluvial reservoir connectivity and heterogeneity (FRESCO). Funding from TKI Upstream Gas (with industry partners Wintershall Nederland and Equinor).
  • Ayunda Aulia Valencia MSc, PhD project: Sedimentary heterogeneities preserved during the evolution of fluvio-deltaic systems – Simulating the impact of climate and wave on compaction process. Funding from LPDP Indonesia
  • Helena van der Vegt MScPhD project: From fluvial supply to delta deposits – Sediment delivery, transport and deposition. Funding from Deltares, Shell and NWO.
  • Youwei Wang MScPhD project. Influence of climate changes on the fluvial architecture. Funding from CSC grant.
  • Liang Li MSc. PhD project: Physics-based numerical modeling of lacustrine fluvio-deltaic responses in relation to reservoir architecture, Funding from Equinor and Deltares

MSc students:

  • Matthew Vacek – Process-based modelling of the Lower Eocene Roda Sandstone Member, South-Central Pyrenees
  • Ella van der Veer – Heidrun, Tilje 2.1 – From conceptual model of heterolithic tidal channels to fluid flow predictions
  • Adib Sinto Baskoro – Heidrun, Åre 6.2 – From conceptual model of thief zones to fluid flow predictions
  • Denny Anugerah Saputra – Characterising the Czech Carboniferous cyclothems
  • Jasper de Lanoy – Finding a predictive value of autogenic and allogenic processes on fluvial sediments in the Willwood Formation, Bighorn Basin (USA)
  • Jelmer Doff – The influence of allogenic forcing of alluvial architecture on flow in the DAP field in the Nieuwerkerk Formation
  • Mathias Mäder – Characterising the PETM: isotope signals and sedimentology, Hunan provence, China
  • Mohammed Almarzouq – Carboniferous Westphalian cyclothems in the Maurits Formation
  • Adhi Wibowo Prakoso – Using non-stationary training images from process-based models for multiple-point statistics and stochastic generation of geologically realistic reservoir models
  • Tim Lottman – Determining the Representative Elementary Volume (REV) of fluvial/deltaic depositional systems
  • Majid Aljamed – The Eridanos Delta: A sequence stratigraphic study of the North Sea Upper Section with focus on shallow gas potential