I study sedimentary systems using process-based models. My focus is on shallow marine environments and modelling in Delft3D. I am especially interested in the processes at the boundaries between traditional depositional environments, e.g. examining the relationship between deltaic deposits and the fluvial systems that feed them, as well as the mechanisms in which deep marine systems receive sediment from the shallow marine environments

Applying process-based models allows us to better understand the link between moderns systems and the geological record. Process-based models can provide information on the sedimentary heterogeneities present in the subsurface. When deposits in the subsurface serve as reservoirs for hydrocarbons and water, it is important to understand how sediment is organized within the preserved deposits. Additionally, at the earth’s surface, the areas where water and sediment interact (e.g. rivers and river deltas) are important regions where people live and work. Understanding how these locations will adapt to a changing climate facilitates their sustainable management into the future.

Research Focus

Process-based modelling, Sedimentary systems, Shallow marine, Deltas, Sediment sorting, Delft3D


2018 – Current: Postdoc – Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
The interplay between sediment supply and sea level variations in river delta environments

2018 – Current: Researcher/Advisor – Deltares, The Netherlands

2013 – 2018: PhD researcher, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
From fluvial supply to Delta deposits: Simulating sediment delivery, transport and deposition

2015-2018: Treasurer, Petroleum Geological Society of the Netherlands

2014: Secretary AAPG Delft Student Chapter

2009 – 2013: Senior Associate, CambridgeIP, Cambridge, UK

2007-2008: Research assistant, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge, UK

2006-2007:  Mathematics and Science Teacher, Queen’s Park High School, Cape Town, South Africa


2013 – 2018: PhD – Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
Title: From fluvial supply to Delta deposits: Simulating sediment delivery, transport and deposition

2008-2009: MPhil in Earth Sciences – University of Cambridge, UK
Title: Quantifying uncertainties in global biogeochemical feedbacks

2005-2006: MSc in Computational Biomechanics – University of Cape Town, South Africa. Title: Development of a Numerical Tool for the Optimisation of Vascular Prosthesis towards Physiological Compliance

2000-2004: BSc(hons) in Applied mathematics – Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth, South Africa


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